Innovative School District Granted Extension to 
Identify Operator for Southside Ashpole Elementary

At the State Board of Education meeting today, NC Innovative School District (ISD) Superintendent, Dr. Eric Hall, requested and was granted a waiver by the Board to extend, by 60 days, the deadline for recommending a school operator for Southside Ashpole Elementary in Rowland, NC. The original deadline stated in legislation was February 15, 2018.

Two entities submitted applications for consideration by the ISD. They were North Carolina-based Achievement for All Children (AAC) and The Romine Group based out of Michigan. SchoolWorks, a third-party evaluation firm, evaluated the applications and submitted individual reports on each organization to the ISD on their findings. “I greatly appreciate the willingness of the two organizations to engage with us in this rigorous vetting process,” said Dr. Hall.

Based on the reports received from SchoolWorks, at this time neither entity met the high expectations imposed by the ISD. The ISD now plans to convene negotiations with both entities to gain additional insight on their respective capabilities and approaches to improving student achievement at Southside Ashpole.

Dr. Hall stated that “We were determined not to make a recommendation merely for the sake of expediency. This is far too important. We are fully committed to getting the right fit for Southside Ashpole and honoring the partnership we have with the Rowland community. If the negotiations with the entities do not produce the clarity and assurances we need, we will seek other options.”

SchoolWorks’ operation reports
ISD Legislation