School uniforms planned for Southside Ashpole Elementary


The NC Innovative School District (ISD), in partnership with Achievement for All Children (AAC), will establish a K-5 school uniform dress code at South Ashpole Elementary school in Rowland, NC. The uniforms will consist of blue polo-style tops with the school logo and khaki bottoms. Each student will receive three sets of uniforms to start the school year to help defray initial costs to families.

“At a recent community meeting, parents and others in the community expressed a desire to have the students wear uniforms. We want to accommodate that request without burdening families with extra costs, so we are actively exploring options to acquire the necessary funding to make that happen. said Tony Helton, CEO of AAC, who heads up the operator organization for Southside Ashpole.

Eric Hall, Superintendent for the ISD, added, “In addition to fostering a sense of community and school spirit, student uniforms will help make mornings easier for families by eliminating discussions about what to wear from morning routines; relieve school staff from administering school dress codes, reduce the potential for teasing with regards to a student’s attire, and they’re economical.”