Completed & In-Process Grant Opportunities for 2020-21

The ISD routinely seeks out, evaluates and applies for grant funds to assist our efforts at Southside-Ashpole Elementary. Below is a list of grants currently in-process and others that have been recently completed:

Grants In-Process

Consolidated Federal Programs

  • Title I – Two teachers; Amount: $148,000
  • Title II – UNCP new teacher support; Amount: $13,000
  • Title IV – Technology/STEM PD and STEM Lab needs; Amount: $20,000

For more information about these grant opportunities or to get access to a link to a video of a virtual meeting that we held on August 11, 2020 where this information was presented, email Dr. DeShawna Gooch at

Completed Grants

  • Exceptional Children’s Program; Amounts: $109,000 & $4,000
    • PRC 060 – EC teacher, Contracted services for speech/OT/PT/evaluations and disproportionality set asides
    • PRC 049 – instructional supplies for kindergarten SWD
  • Innovative Partnership Grant; Amount: $1,500,000
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER); Amount: $107,000
    • PRC 163 – Contracted services for PT nurse/social worker and supplies/materials
  • School Resource Officer; Amount: $33,300 plus contributing local funds