Inovative School Operators

Innovative School Operator applicants go through a very rigorous selection process. Applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application; participate in a thorough review by a third-party evaluation firm; present their plan to a community panel; respond to requests for supplemental information; engage in face-to-face negotiations; and undergo extensive background checks.

Through that process, an operator is selected and recommended to the State Board of Education by the Innovative School District (ISD) Superintendent.


Southside Ashpole Elementary

Achievement for all Children (AAC) is the Innovative School Operator (ISO) for Southside Ashpole Elementary School in Rowland, NC. They are a North Carolina-based not-for-profit organization committed to working with the Innovative School District (ISD) to implement a comprehensive system of support to serve the needs of all students at Southside Ashpole, improve academic outcomes and engage in a partnership with the local community. TeamCFA is AAC’s curriculum partner; they offer rigorous and data-driven curriculum geared toward accelerating academic growth and improving student achievement.