Southside Ashpole Elementary concludes its first year under the ISD with testing, graduations, and awards

The week of June 10-14, 2019 marked the final week of school for the students at Southside Ashpole Elementary (the first school transferred into the Innovative School District) and it concludes the first year of operation under Achievement for All Children and the leadership of School Director Bruce Major. This last week of school was a busy one, with EOG testing, awards programs, and graduations. There was a graduation event for the kindergartners moving up to 1st grade and one for the 5th graders moving on to middle school. Both were well attended by parents, family members and others from the local community.

Friday, June 14th was 5th grade graduation and awards day at Southside Ashpole Elementary. Mr. Major’s parting advice to the 5th graders, as it was for the graduating kindergarteners earlier in the week, was to “READ, READ and READ.” He stressed that reading sparks imaginations, broadens perspectives, advances language skills and opens windows to the world around us.

Local pastor Reverend Shawn Mitchell—who is a valued supporter of the school—gave the commencement speech at the 5th grade graduation. He implored them to value the educational opportunities available to them and to find a way to make a difference in the world. He stated that today, “you have the right to be proud, you have the right to laugh, you have the right to cheer, and you have a right to clap, but remember to take that same emotion and enthusiasm with you to middle school and give it your best effort.”

Below are some photos of the graduations and student award presentations.