Working for the Innovative School District

Open educator and support staff positions at Southside Ashpole Elementary in Rowland, NC

Substitute Teaching Application Process

Working for the NC Innovative School District



Educators & Support Staff:

Upon start-up of each new Innovative School, the Innovative School Operator, in coordination with the ISD Superintendent, will interview for teaching and support staff and select candidates for those positions. The ISD plans to follow a similar process for hiring that is used when teachers transfer from one public school district to another. Teaching staff will report to the Innovative School principal.

Teachers will be hired on a contract basis with terms established by the Innovative School Operator, in coordination with the ISD Superintendent. Teachers with expiring contracts will be appropriately notified. Any applicable teacher licensure requirements will follow North Carolina state law.

The Innovative School Operator, with oversight and approval by the ISD Superintendent, will determine the pay scale for teachers and administrators as part of their operations plan. It may not necessarily reflect the pay scale of other districts. For example, a higher pay scale may be offered to some candidates for difficult-to-fill or high-priority positions.

Teaching staff will be employees of the ISD. All ISD employees will be eligible for enrollment in the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System of North Carolina, the State Health Plan, and other benefits available to State employees, including annual leave, sick time and holiday pay.

Transportation Staff:

Bus drivers and other transportation staff will remain employees of the local district, i.e., Local Education Agency (LEA). The LEA is responsible for providing transportation to all students assigned to an Innovative School.

School Policies

The ISD will function in a similar manner as the state’s other LEAs and will, in adherence to state law and in coordination with the Innovative School Operator, develop applicable policies for their schools.

School Calendars

The ISD will set the calendar for its schools; however, for practical reasons related to transportation—which will remain managed and operated by the local school district—the calendar for Innovative Schools may match or closely align with the calendar of the local school district, unless other options can be agreed upon between the ISD, the Innovative School Operator, and the local district.

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a compilation of personnel practices and procedures in effect for the North Carolina Innovative School District (NC ISD). It is designed to assist you with general information concerning, among other things, personnel, benefits, and payroll. This handbook should not be construed as an employment contract or an agreement for employment. The information contained in the handbook is purposefully brief and may be subject to change at any time.

NC ISD Employee Handbook_10_2018